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Asset IQ Financial Services™ has partnered with FleetSharp GPS Tracking, a leading provider of GPS fleet management tools and asset trackers to provide a new way for financial institutions to save time and money when keeping track of valuable assets.

Asset IQ is now offering its customers the opportunity to incorporate powerful GPS data and Geofencing technology into the asset management tracking process. With GPS technology from FleetSharp, it’s possible to reduce operating costs and track the locations of vehicles and equipment in the retail and inventory finance sectors, all from a desktop or mobile device.

“On-site inventory checks can be a huge drain of time and travel costs for companies managing assets in multiple locations,” said John McCammond, vice president for partnerships at FleetSharp. “Incorporating GPS technology into Asset IQ’s auditing and inventory management services allows managers to verify locations and usage from their desks, and provides the added benefit of theft protection and recovery.”

GPS tracking enables managers to locate vehicles and assets in real time, be alerted when assets leave designated areas, and recover lost or stolen equipment much more efficiently. In addition, FleetSharp provides daily monitoring of maintenance needs and usage. Financial institutions can leverage FleetSharp to explore new opportunities by being able to track valuable assets in new markets.

“The combination of Asset IQ and FleetSharp provides a more efficient, more effective way to track valuable assets in the retail and inventory finance sectors while opening up new possibilities for financial institutions looking to expand their market reach,” said Dale Barger, CEO of Asset IQ.

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